Dr. Bruce Brunton       

         Office: ZSH 429             

Contact information:

    phone: 540-568-3211

    fax: 540-568-3010

    email: bruntobg@jmu.edu

Office hours for the Spring 2015 semester:

    MWF 11:00am -12:00, Th 2:00-4:00pm, or by appointment


Bungee jumping in CA in 2013 


For the Spring 2015 semester I am teaching the Economics 201 course and the Economics 365 (Economic Development) course. Students in these classes can find the website information I have available by going to JMU's Canvas site.

Students interested in pursuing the Economics Internship course (ECON 394) should review the description of the course requirements; see Economics 394.

Contact Carrie Sensabaugh for additional information regarding Economics faculty.