Dr. Bruce Brunton

Office: ZSH 429

Contact information:

phone: 540-568-3211

fax: 540-568-3010

email: bruntobg@jmu.edu

Office hours for the Fall 2016 semester:

MWF 11:15am -12:15, T 2:00-4:00pm, or by appointment


Bungee jumping in CA in 2013 

For the Fall 2016 semester I am teaching two sections of the Senior Capstone Seminar (Economics 488) course and one section of Introduction to Microeconomics (Economics 201). Students in these classes can find the website information I have available by going to JMU's Canvas site.

Students interested in pursuing the Economics Internship course (ECON 394) should review the description of the course requirements; see Economics 394. Please note that internships must be approved in advance of registration and the intern must register for class credit concurrent with the work experience.   

Contact Carrie Sensabaugh for additional information regarding Economics faculty.