COB 244 Sections 5 and 6


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Monday February 24 UNIT 10

(Physical Long-Term Assets, Depreciation, Intangible Assets, Amortization, Natural Resources, Depletion, Straight-Line, Double-Declining Balance, Units of Production methods of calculating Depreciation, Asset Disposals and Gains/Losses, Impairments, Operating Expenses vs. Capital Investments)


Wednesday February 26 UNIT 11

(Sales Tax, Notes Payable Contingent Liabilities, Warranty Obligations, Installment Loans, Mortgages, Line of Credit)


Monday March 2 UNIT 12

(Stock Issuance, IPOs, SEC regulations, Shares Authorized, Shares Issued, Shares Outstanding, Treasury Stock, Par Value, Dividends, Cash Dividends vs. Stock Dividends)


Wednesday March 4 Exam 1 Debriefing


Monday March 9 Spring Break No Class Meeting

Wednesday March 11 Spring Break No Class Meeting


Monday March 16 Class Cancelled by University


Wednesday March 18 : Watch Online Videos


Video 1 Introduction to class responsibility March 18-30

Video 2 Instructions for using Webex for Group Help Sessions

Video 3 Instructions for Requesting Group Help Sessions


Monday March 23 Self-Study, Remedial Work per Video 1

Wednesday March 25 Self-Study, Remedial Work per Video 1


Monday March 30 Special (Optional) Quiz per Video 1

(to be held ONLINE during normal class time more info forthcoming)



The remainder of the course will be depend on University Decisions, and will be announced before April 1.