COB 244 – Sections 5 and 6


(Financial Analysis Basics, Horizontal Analysis, Comparative Financial Statements, Vertical Analysis, Common-Size Financial Statements, Ratio Analysis)


Begin Work after Exam 2 (Monday April 6)


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Exam 3 covers this unit on April 15


Learning Objectives for Unit 15


List of Terms for Unit 15


Reference Handout:  Financial Ratios and Formulas


Financial Statements for Rickey’s Retailers
Used as Examples in the Lecture Series

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Statement of Cash Flows

Statement of Changes in Owner’s Equity


Video Lecture 1 – Introduction to Financial Analysis

Video Lecture 2 – Horizontal and Vertical Analysis

Video Lecture 3 – Ratio Analysis 1

Video Lecture 4 – Ratio Analysis 2

Video 5 – Rickey’s


Professor’s Notes


Homework Assignment 15

Selected Answers to Homework Assignment 15


Self-Assessment 15

Answers to Self-Assessment 15