COB 244 – Sections 5 and 6


(Cost vs. Expense, Period Cost vs. Product Cost, Direct vs. Indirect Costs, Inventoriable Cost, Direct Materials-Direct Labor-Mfg Overheads, Raw Material Inventory, Work-in-Process Inventory, Finished Goods Inventory, Cost of Goods Manufactured, Cost Flows through a manufacturing organization, Cos accumulation methods:  Job Order, Process, and Hybrid.)


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Exam 3 covers this unit on April 15


Learning Objectives for Unit 16


List of Terms for Unit 16


Professor’s Notes for Unit 16


Video Lecture 1 – Introduction to Management Accounting: Terms

Video Lecture 2 – Cost Flows for a Manufacturer

Video Lecture 3 – Overview of Manufacturing Costs

Video Lecture 4 – Process Costing

Video Lecture 5 – Job Order Costing

Video Lecture 6 – Hybrid Costing


Homework Assignment 16


Practice Problems for Unit 16


Optional Mastery Problem for students who want more practice


Self-Assessment 16A

Self-Assessment 16B

Self-Assessment 16C

Selected Answers to Self-Assessments for Unit 16