Dr. Joanne M. Doyle
Economics Program
MSC 0204
College of Business
James Madison University
e-mail: doylejm at jmu dot edu
Phone: (540) 568-3030
Fax: (540) 568-3010

Current Courses

Econ 201  Spring 2014      Principles of Microeconomics   on    Blackboard

Econ 485  Spring 2014        Advanced Econometrics

Senior Economics Assessment : February 11, 2014


SAS Resources

A Short Guide to Using SAS in Windows

SAS links

Reading Data Files in SAS

A Gallery of Distributions (random variables) 

Useful links

From the Deb Stevens web page, lots of good statistics stuff at bottom of page. Click here. 
Data from the Economic Report of the President

One of Many Excel tutorials on the web
More information on using Excel for statistical analysis
On-line Statistics Textbook material
Regression Applet 1
Regression Applet 2

Regression Quiz

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