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Download Application  PDF  

Completed applications may be dropped at Prof. Wilson Liu's office (Showker Rm 339) or Prof. Mark Graham's office (Showker Rm 317).


Why Would You Join FMA?


Looking for the Perfect Finance Job?


FMA Can Help →

  • FMA's Careers in Finance book

  • FMA's e-publication, How to Get A Job

  • The Financial Management Forum

  • Bring your career questions directly to the experts on FMA's member-only webboards


Curious About How to Develop Contacts and Skills?


FMA gives you an edge →

  • Join your local FMA school chapter and Get Involved! Plan Chapter Activities! Implement New Programs

  • Attend FMA's Finance Leaders' Conference the only conference designed specifically to address the needs and concerns of finance students from across the country FMA's Careers in Finance book


Wondering How to Set Yourself Apart from Other Students?


FMA offers you the opportunity to be recognized through  →

  • FMA's National Honor Society

  • FMA's Collegiate Fellow Program

  • National Honor Society Requirements

  • Collegiate Fellow Requirements


Local Chapter Benefits


Student members can participate in various additional activities through local FMA chapters on college and university campuses around the world

Each FMA student chapter selects the programs and services it offers, customizing them to meet the needs of its members. Local chapter activities may include:

  • Speaker Programs

  • Field Trips

  • Seminars/Workshops

  • Panel Discussions

  • Meetings and Networking

  • Business and Career Fairs

  • Job Banks

  • Social Gatherings

  • Banquets and Receptions

  • Resume Book Publication

  • Plus Much More!



Special Offer for Undergrad/MBA Student FMA Members


All undergraduate and MBA students who are members of FMA, and who have never been a professional member of the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP), can now apply for a free student membership in the AFP. With over 14,000 professional members, the AFP is a resource for continuing education, financial tools and publications, career development, certifications, research, representation to legislators and regulators, and the development of industry standards.


Publisher: Financial Management Association - JMU Chapter 

Contact Info: Elias Semaan - Department of Finance and Business Law - ZSH 322 - MSC 0203

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