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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the FMA?

FMA International is a professional organization of financial executives, analysts, professors, and students who live and work around the world.

We are currently the largest finance organization devoted to bridging the gap between finance theory and practice

Who can join?

The FMA is open to any student who is interested in finance, regardless of major or class standing. We do not have a GPA requirement.
Qualified students may join the FMA National Honor Society. Established in 1974, the Honor Society encourages and rewards scholarships and achievement in finance.

What about Honors?

National Honor Society Requirements


§         3.25 Overall GPA OR

§         3.25 GPA in finance & related coursework

§         Completion of a minimum of (6) hours of finance


§         3.50 Overall GPA OR

§         3.50 GPA in finance & related coursework

§         Completion of one-half required coursework

What are the benefits of membership?

As a member of the James Madison University student FMA chapter, you will enjoy many benefits of membership including:

§         Internships and career placement opportunities

§         Making contacts with finance professionals

§         Professional and leadership development

§         Great resume builder

§         Washington DC/NY field trips

§         Meeting other students and developing friendships

§         Social activities

Optional Benefits

§         Subscription to Financial Management

§         Honor Society scroll and lapel pin (National Honor Society only)

What are the membership dues?

Annual Dues - $45 ($35 for the National Chapter and $10 for Local Chapter)

National Honor Society Membership - $50 ($40 for the National Chapter and $10 for the Local Chapter)

*Please add $10 to dues for the subscription to Financial Management.

How do I join?

Applications are available at the meetings.