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Chaotic Hysteresis and Systemic  Economic Transformation

State-Space Estimation of Rational Bubbles in the Yen/Deutschemark Exchange Rate

Aspects of Dialectics and Nonlinear Dynamics

Divergent Distributional Dynamics in Transitional Economies

On the Complexities of Complex Economic Dynamics

The New Traditional Economy: A New Perspective in Comparative Economics

Self-Fulfilling Chaotic Mistakes: Some Examples and Implications

Volatility via Social Flaring

Alternative Keynesian and Post Keynesian Perspectives on Uncertainty and Expectations

Implications for Teaching Macroeconomics of Complex Dynamics

Integrating the Complexity Vision into Mathematical Economics

Forms of Complex Dynamics in Transforming Economies

Evidence of Nonlinear Speculative Bubbles in Pacific-Rim Stock Markets

The Mathematics of Discontinuity (book chapter)

Everything I Might Say Will Already Have Passed Through Your Mind

The Risky Business of New Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Consistent Expectations Equilibria and Complex Dynamics in Renewable Resource Markets

Book Review of The Economy as a Complex Evolving System II

References: From Catastrophe to Chaos: A General Theory of Economic Discontinuities, 2nd Edition  (incomplete)

Income Inequality and the Informal Economy in Transition Economies

Book Review of Economics of Space and Time: Scientific Papers of Tönu Puu

India: The Elephant Walks (from Comparative Economics in a Transforming World Economy)

Complex Ecological-Economic Dynamics and Environmental Policy

Nonlinear Bubbles in Chinese Stock Markets in the 1990s

The Transition between the Old and New Traditional Economies in India

Multiple Unofficial Economy Equilibria and Income Distribution Dynamics in Systemic Transition

Emergent Volatility in Asset Markets with Heterogeneous Agents

Between Cambridge and Vienna: The Risky Business of New Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Failure of the Washington Consensus on Inequality and the Underground Economy in the Transition Economies

Complex Coupled System Dynamics and the Global Warming Policy Problem

Implications for Fisheries Policy of Complex Ecologic-Economic Dynamics

Fisheries Management and Complex Dynamics

Between Cambridge and Vienna: The Risky Business of New Austrian Business Cycle Theory [corrected version]

A New Perspective on Economic Discontinuity

Paradigm Lost: The Transformation of Comparative Economics (Part I)

Emergent Volatility in Asset Markets with Heterogeneous Agents (corrected version)

The Development of Complex Oligopoly Dynamics Theory

The Cutting Edge of Economics, Chapter 1

All That I Have to Say Has Already Crossed Your Mind

Book Review of Dynamic State Variable Models in Ecology: Methods and Applications

Complex Dynamics of Macroeconomic Collapse and its Aftermath in Transition Economies

Economics at the Edge, Chapter 1 (May 1, 2002 version)

A Nobel Prize for Asymmetric Information: The Economic Contributions of George A. Akerlof, A. Michael Spence, and Joseph E. Stiglitz

Complexity in Economics

Weintraub on the Development of Mathematical Economics: A Review Essay

The Rise and Fall of Catastrophe Theory Applications in Economics: Was the Baby Thrown Out with the Bathwater?

A reconsideration of the role of discontinuity in regional economic models

Complexities of Dynamic Forestry Management Policy

Income Inequality, Corruption, and the Non-Observed Economy: A Global Perspective

Book Review of Keynes, Post-Keynesianism and Political Economy: Essays in honour of Geoff Harcourt, Volume three

Complex Dynamics and Post Keynesian Economics

Epistemological Implications of Economic Complexity

The Road to Serfdom and the World Economy: 60 Years Later

Market Dynamics and Stock Price Volatility

Book Review of The Shadow Economy: An International Survey

Foreword to Foundations for a Disequilibrium Theory of the Business Cycle: Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Assessment

Book Review of Sociodynamics: A Systematic Approach to Mathematical Modelling in the Social Sciences

Problems with Proposed Social Security Reforms, 2005

Book Review of Islam and Mammon: The Economic Predicaments of Islamism

Book Review of Unholy Trinity: Labor, capital, and land in the new economy

Dynamic Discontinuities in Ecologic-Economic Systems

Student Ignorance about Social Security

The Period of Financial Distress in Speculative Markets: Interacting Heterogeneous Agents and Financial Constraints

Institutional Evolution and the Environmental Kuznets Curve

A Global Perspective on the Non-Observed Economy, Inequality, Corruption, and Social Capital

Econophysics: New Palgrave Dictionary, 2nd edition entry

Institutional Evolution of Environmental Management under Global Economic Growth

We Know You're Not The Bad Guys

If I Get Deported Back to Iraq...I'll Be Dead

The Nature and Future of Econophysics

Computational and Dynamic Complexity in Economics

Do Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics Amount to  Kuhnian Paradigm Shift?

Book Review of Dynamics and Markets: Econophysics and Finance

Book Review of The Economy as an Evolving Complex System III

Debating the Role of Econophysics

A Critique of the New Comparative Economics

The Rise and Decline of Mancur Olson's View of The Rise and Decline of Nations

Live and Dead Issues in the Methodology of Economics

Post Keynesian Perspectives and Complex Ecologic-Economic Dynamics

Econophysics and Economic Complexity

Book Review of Econophysics and Sociophysics: Trends and Perspectives

Has Burczak Shown How Socialism Can Survive Hayek?

The Latest Recommendation from the Washingtoon Ethnic Dining Guide

Complex Dynamics in Ecologic-Economic Systems [mistake, wrong paper]

Complex Dynamics in Ecologic-Economici Systems [this is correct paper]

Constructivist Logic and Emergent Evolution in Economic Complexity

Is a Transdisciplinary Perspective on Economic Complexity Possible?

Frontiers of Economics in the Post-Neoclassical Era

Chaos Theory Before Lorenz

How Complex are the Austrians?

Emerging Markets and Stock Market Bubbles: Nonlinear Speculation?

On the Foundations of Mathematical Economics

Colloquium: Statistical Mechanics of Money, Wealth, and Income

The New Institutional Economy and the New Traditional Economy in Korea: Does the Confucian Tradition Give it a Competitive Edge?

The Complexity Era in Economics

How to Win Friends and (Possibly) Influence Mainstream Economists

Financial Development and Bubbles: The Case of the Karachi Stock Exchange of Pakistan

Book Review of Rediscovering Fire: Basic Economic Lessons from the Soviet Experience

Tales from the Editors' Crypt: Dealing with True, Uncertain, and False Accusations of Plagiarism

Emergence and Complexity in Austrian Economics

The Complex Evolution of Duncan K. Foley as a Complexity Economist

A Minsky-Kindleberger Perspective on the Financial Crisis

Complexities of Natural Selection Dynamics

Review of An Out to Lunch Economist

The Evolution of Hyperbolic Discounting: Implications for Truly Social Valuation of the Future

Special Problems of Forests as Ecologic-Economic Systems

Governance Issues in Complex Ecologic-Economic Systems

Natural Selection versus Emergent Self-Organization in Evolutionary Political Economy

How Can Something so Right as Heterodox Economics Have so Little Influence?

A Conceptual History of Economic Dynamics

Are There Nonlinear Speculative Bubbles in Commodities Prices?

Book Review of Microfoundations Reconsidered

Book Review of Behavioral Rationality and Heterogeneous Expectations in Complex Economic Systems

The Paradox of New Traditional Confucianist Economics in the Two Koreas

Complexity and Behavioral Economics

Raging Bull or Long Term Speculative Bubble?  The Case of the Karachi Stock Exchange

Complexity and Behavioral Economics.II

Reconsidering Eergodicity and Fundamental Uncertainty

Complexity and Institutional Evolution


Financialization and Nonlinear Speculative Bubbles - International Evidence

The Evolution of Behavioral Institutional Complexity

The Minsky Moment and the Revenge of Entropy

Consistency and Incompleteness in General Equilibrium Theory

The Economist Watcher: Economic Contributions of David Colander

Introduction to Special Issue in Review of Behavioral Economics Honoring Richard A. Easterlin

Austrian Themes and the Cambridge Controversies in the Theory of Capital

Book Review of The Knowledge We Have Lost in Information by Mirowski and Nik-Khah

Reflections on Reflexivity and Compleixity

Complexity and Knowledge

Incompleteness and Complexity in Economic Theory

Entropy and Complexity in Urban and Regional Systems

Coupled Chaotic Systems and Extreme Ecologic-Economic Outcomes

Logic and Epistemology in Behavioral Economics


An Alternative Approach to Evolutionary Economics



Comparing Alternative Economic Systems




ECON 201

ECON 475

ECON 305

ECON 382


Econ 431 Problems
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ECON 431


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